Never worry about dirty restaurant floors again!

Our Story

The Drop It Baby Family

One Drop Too Many

Hi, I’m Joy! My husband, Brian, and I invented Drop it Baby® after an incredibly frustrating meal with our twins. At the time they were eight months old and we were tired of continuously picking their sippy cups and toys off dirty floors. Brian conceived Drop it Baby® and I created the first prototype on the spot during that very meal!

Entrepreneur + Twin Mom

Before becoming a mom to twins, I had a corporate career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Behavioral Analyst and considered myself a very social person. Once the twins arrived, my world changed. For various reasons, my husband and I decided I would stay home with the kids. This decision excited and terrified me at the same time. How did I keep my sense of “me” and still be a good mom to these beautiful babies?

For the first few months we really didn’t go anywhere for fear of germs for our preemie babies. After a few months of that, my husband and I started taking them out and realized we had to lug a lot with us to feel comfortable. When Brian went back to work it was me, by myself. I realized through my sleepy new-mom stupor that I really wanted to have lunch with my friends. Just get out of the house with the kids and do SOMETHING.

So, when I was chatting about my fears of restaurant floors, my awesome husband threw out some ideas. I started with a prototype using stuff we had in the basement. I tried it out and ta-da! It worked! I ran with the idea and Drop it Baby® was born.  I felt my confidence grow as the problem of dirty restaurant floors and running after rolling bottles disappeared. I started going out with the babies weekly and found it got easier for me, and my kids were noticeably better at “being out” than some of my other friends’ kids. We received comments from parents on The Drop Stopper everywhere we went, questioning where they could buy one. So here I am, helping to bring back some sanity and increase the confidence of new parents everywhere!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide frustrated moms and dads with products to make their lives just a little bit easier. We deliver our products with an unparalleled commitment to quality, with top of the line, safe materials assembled in the U.S.A. We are also proud to be creating new job opportunities for other moms!