Worry Less about Dropped bottles & Toys!

Drop It Baby is the newest necessity for parents of toddlers on the go. Cut the stress of taking your young children out and about with Drop it Baby®!


Get it now for only $37

Do you ever walk in to a restaurant with your little ones and look at the dirty floor and cringe? Have trouble keeping track of toys and cups when you are out? 
Just attach to Drop It Baby …It suctions to smooth, flat surfaces to prevent bottles/toys/sippy cups from hitting the dirty floor when you are out and about with a baby or toddler. 

Drop it Baby® Bundle

The Drop it Baby® is a parents’ little sanity saver. It attaches to smooth, flat surfaces to prevent children and babies from throwing their toys and cups on dirty floors while out to eat and can be attached to high chairs, strollers, shopping carts, backpacks, car seats, you name it!

The Drop it Baby® Bundles are the perfect Baby Shower Gift or Holiday Gift for new parents!

The ring chain is made of soft teether like material that is squishy and the rings will NOT come apart. The Drop it Baby® is a travel must for busy families on the go! As a bonus, your Drop it Baby® is dishwasher friendly, FDA approved so safe to chew, and fits nicely in diaper bags.

Drop it Baby® Bundles come with the following:

The Drop it Baby® with Transparent or Pastel Ring Chain
Extra Transparent or Pastel Ring Chain
Bottle Holder/Sippy Cup Holder set of 2
Reclosable Ring Pack of 4



Unicorn Bundle


Purple Cow Bundle